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Culling:  Just like any other tournament, the virtual tournament allows culling but the good news is, you as the angler don't have to worry about it.  Fishing Chaos will handle the culling so that only your top 5 fish will be counted towards your total bag for the tournament.  For each legal fish you enter, your name will be entered in for one of the random drawings.


Measuring:  To ensure everyone is measuring with like tools, please make sure you are using a Bump board style measuring device.  Please make sure you get one that can measure the entire fish on it.  It is best to get one that measures in the 0.25in increments as the fish's length will be rounded down to the nearest 0.25in mark.  Please ensure that the fish's belly is facing you and the numbers are legible in the picture.  Flexible measuring tapes will not be allowed and your fish will be denied.  When taking the picture of the fish on the bump board, please ensure that the mouth is closed and the tail is on the board.  If the mouth is open, judges will deduct accordingly.  The entire fish needs to be in the picture.


Challenging:  Fishing Chaos allows anglers and subscribers to help out on the judging by challenging fish that they might see as having issues.  Whether it is a typo by an angler on length or the picture is too blurry to make out, anglers can challenge the entry by using the "challenge" button on the "Full Leaderboard" page.  Anglers will NOT be able to see who is challenging their fish.  If your fish gets challenged, you will get a notification so you can see what is wrong.  Don't worry, you will be able to edit the entry up to the point where a judge makes your entry official.  Please note that all info regarding the challenge is saved and the judge can accept the challenge or deny it.  Just because your fish was challenged, doesn't mean your fish is incorrect.  If you don't see anything wrong with it, just let it be and the judges will make the final call.

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